Several weeks ago we made the decision to eliminate flour from our diets. After reading one too many studies on the effects of flour, particularly on the arteries, we could no longer live in denial.

Although it's been challenging, it's also been fun. Well, for me.  Probably more fun for me because I was not a huge bread eater in the first place. Our children give us the proverbial "eye roll" and figure they'll wait us out, surely we'll give in eventually. The older kids can go out and buy and eat what they want so they don't care. The youngest are unaware of the changes but our middle children are panicked. 

I do think, however, if we are able to find some great substitutes, everyone will be happy. For me, it's gotta be pizza crust. I love pizza. I don't want to give up pizza.

I tried a flourless pizza dough mix last week. It wasn't bad. Not fabulous, but not bad. It has given me hope!

So what's the fun part in this? I am truly excited to try all the other grains available. There is an entire world of food out there...I watch Andrew Zimmer, I've seen some of it! And although I doubt I will eat some of the bizarre foods he does, I am willing to try a lot of things.

The first time I made something without flour I realized it's going to take some getting used to. I'm an intuitive cook, even when it comes to baking. I can tell by the feel, look, taste and smell of something if it needs more or less of this or that... Not so now. Using other grains, starches or nut flours gives it an entirely different look and feel and way of handling. It's all brand new again and for me, that's fun!

I'll be sure to share some good recipes on our recipe page as I come across them. I hope that others will share too, here and on our facebook page. 

Getting healthy and making life changes can be difficult but it also opens up new worlds and new ways of thinking. Things that are as good for your heart as giving up flour. Bon Appetit! 

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